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James Spader
The ultimate James Spader photo site I


This photo site is dedicated to James Spader, who is in my opinion the best actor in the world. I have every respect for the privacy of Mr. Spader and his family, and by setting up this site I am paying my tribute to him and celebrating his work by sharing these pictures with others.


Welcome to Part I of the ultimate James Spader Photo Site on the internet (to visit Part II go to James Spader Photo Site II  and to visit Part III go to James Spader Photo Site III). You can find tons of photos (actually, more than 42.800 on all sites) which are mainly my own screen captures, but you can also see lots of other photos which were collected by my friends and myself over recent years. Hope you enjoy looking at the photos of the most adorable and sexiest man alive. 


This site does not operate as a message board as there are already wonderful ones in existance, like e.g. James Spader's Haven (extremely well-run by Yvonne and Janette) or Brigitte's The James Spader Meeting Place.  Nevertheless, do feel free to leave messages in my guestbook (Guests' Comments) if you wish.


Mitteilung an die James-Fans in Deutschland:
Ich habe festgestellt, dass sehr viele Besucher aus Deutschland meine Seiten ansteuern. Wenn der eine oder andere Lust hat, könnt ihr euch gerne mal bei mir melden, denn es ist gar nicht so leicht, James-Fans hierzulande zu finden.


Message to all the James-Fans worldwide:
I wanted to say "thank you" to all the visitors from so many countries worldwide. Particularly, it's great to see that also a lot of visitors from Africa and the Islamic world drop by.  You all make my James sites work, and so it's still a great pleasure for me to feed the sites, although it has become pretty hard nowadays to find any new James pics. Therefore, especially a big "thank you" to all the ones who provide me with photos.


Please notice that this is an unofficial, non-profit  fan site and I do NOT have any contact to James Spader himself or his management.


James' next projects: 
"The Blacklist" (2013)


James on TV:
"Secretary" airs on August 1, 2013 on SUNDe
"Sex, Lies and Videotape" airs on August 4, 2013 on
"The Watcher" airs on August 9, 2013 on

James on German TV:


Latest updates:
misc. snap shots (Paparazzi Photos)
New York - misc. snap shots (Paparazzi Photos)
Dream Lover
Los Angeles Airport - 3/13/2013 (Paparazzi Photos)
Santa Monica - 3/15/2012 (Paparazzi Photos)
West Hollywood - 6/26/2009 (Paparazzi Photos)

Los Angeles - misc. snap shots (Paparazzi Photos)
New York - 5/14/2008 (Paparazzi Photos)
Los Angeles - 5/1/2009 (Paparazzi Photos)
The Blacklist - Trailer

Please read the Legal Notice regarding copyright. Some individual photos may also have details of copyright attached.

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